Fiona Grond / Interspaces

„I find that the band does exactly what jazz legends always found to be of particular importance: to only play the notes that are really necessary and have meaning. Grond, Stahl and Schiepek are young jazz musicians who know how to ‘omit’ perfectly.“ (Ulrich Habersetzer, BR)

„The unusual cast […] have already found their own voice and impress with striking maturity.“ (from the jury statement of the Leonard and Ida Wolf Memorial Award 2020)

The trio with the unusual instrumentation of voice, saxophone and guitar combines original compositions and music from all genres to create a unique experience. Rooted in jazz, the trio advances into experimental grounds where structures meet spheres and soundscapes open into abysmal vastness. Mystic and enchanting moods arise from the subtle and intricate compositions and arrangements by the band leader.

Experimentation happens on all levels: forms are broken up, harmonies maxed out and conventional roles don’t seem to matter any longer. Everyone operates on the same level. The Saxophone creates clouds of sounds, the vocals become the accompaniment while the guitar becomes the soloist. Where virtuosity lies in delicate simplicity.

The swiss born vocalist Fiona Grond – singing for example with Bobby McFerrin at the Munich Philharmonic – saxophonist Moritz Stahl – winner of the Kurt Maas Jazz Awards and awarded with the Bavarian art fellowship 2017 – guitarist Philipp Schiepek – active in many formations, winner of the Gasteig Competition 2018 and awardee of many competitions, f.e. with the Vincent Eberle Quintet – met at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. The trio was founded out of the desire for a special and intimate formation and the collective interest in musical experimentation in autumn of 2018.