Fiona Grond | Interspaces

„ Fragile, magical, unique.“ (Concerto)

„…wonderfully lucid pieces with which Fiona Grond takes the listener into her magnificent musical cosmos“ (JazzZeitung)

„I find that the band does exactly what jazz legends always found to be of particular importance: to only play the notes that are really necessary and have meaning. Grond, Stahl and Schiepek are young jazz musicians who know how to ‘omit’ perfectly.“ (Ulrich Habersetzer, BR)

„The unusual cast […] has already found its own tone and convinces with a remarkable maturity.“ (Statement of the jury for the award of the Leonard and Ida Wolf Memorial Prize 2020)

For the Swiss singer Fiona Grond, the voice, with or without words, is an instrument and a means of expressing an inner search for thoughts and feelings. Her ACT debut „Poesias“ s a haunting, colorful exchange with personal and musical confidants: guitarist Phillip Schiepek and tenor saxofonist Moritz Stahl. Music full of warmth, depth and surprising turns. And a truly unique trio with an intimate, sensitive interplay.

Vocalist Fiona Grond, saxophonist Moritz Stahl and guitarist Philipp Schiepek are all considered up-and-coming young talents on the German jazz scene. They met while studying at the University of Music and Theater in Munich. The trio was founded out of the desire for a special and intimate formation and the collective interest in musical experimentation in autumn of 2018. In June of 2021 they released their debut album “Interspaces”. In the same year they took 3rd place in the international JazzBeet competition at Jazzfest Bonn and won the Women in Jazz Next Generation competition and the Jazz Prize of the City of Halle. At the end of August their new album “Poesias” will be released on the renowned label ACT Music.